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  • Lê Thu Thủy

Launching Mon Cheri II five - stars cruise, designed by VISEC

On 15/11/2018, Ha Long Shipbuilding Company proceed the launching ceremony of Mon Cheri II 5 – stars cruise ship after 03 months for design and construction. This is the second cruise in the series of six of 5 - stars cruises which package designed from basic to workshop design and interior construction by VISEC for the investor_ Vietnam Big Bay Cruise Joint Stock Company.

Launch image on 15/11/2018

3D images about the cruise ship

Interior in 5 - stars standard

Mon Cheri II Cruise has a length of 61.35m, width of 11.7m, height of 3.0m, draft of 1.8m, designed with 25 rooms in the comfort in 5 - stars standard, satisfying the standards VR-SB National Technical Regulations - domestic waterway transport building Classification Regulation- Amendment 1: 2015 QCVN 72: 2013 / BGTVT.


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