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  • Nguyễn Phương Anh

Delivery the Barge named VISEC 02 to Chosuk

Performing the leasing contract of the barge to Chosuk C & D in the construction project of embankment and sand protection in Lach Huyen - Hai Phong, during the period from August 15th, 2016 – August 31st, 2016, preparation and delivery means to Chosuk deployed quickly with a high concentration in order to achieve efficient, safe as a required schedule of the client.

Vessel information:

  • Name: VISEC02

  • Description: Crane barge

  • Level: SB

  • Dimensions: 55m x 16m x 3.4m

  • Shipowner: Vietnam Shipbuilding Technology Joint Stock Company.

1. Strengthening the deck at the operating areas of 180 tons crawler crane:

2. Anti-rust paint

3.Maintaining machinery and equipment on board

4.Testing the operation of the crane, windlass


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