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Visec provides ship technical & workshop design solutions, ship construction & site supervision, technology transfer. We are committed to always bring the best quality products and services with the most optimal technology solutions.

Ship Design

VISEC develops the completed design package ranging from concept design, basic, detail design and production (workshop) design.

Visec can offer a wide range of new building choice from merchant ships to custom made-to-order ships

Ship Building
& Site Supervision
Technology Transfer

Visec is the authorized dealer of ship design software and training to use software on real projects

Thiết kế tàu

Ship Design

Our designs are the combination of passion and creativity

VISEC has a capability to undertake any special design to meet the different operational demands

1. Concept Design

  • Technical specification, General arrangement, Maker’s list

  • Technical clarification meeting

2. Basic and detail design

  • Key drawings and detail arrangement plan including class approval drawing.

  • Hull form development and resistance speed calculation.

  • Purchase order specification (POS) for major equipment.

3. Production design

  • Cutting plan, bending plan, steel POR, assembly drawings.

  • Manufacture & installation drawing for outfitting.

  • Supervision of shipyard’s engineering & design.

Đóng tàu và giám sát

Ship building &
Site supervision

Having a strong tie with most of major shipyards in Vietnam, combine with an in-house design and supervision team

VISEC’s supervision service focuses on complete quality control from plan approval to delivery.

Effectiveness in quality improvement, progress and cost management is the clearly benefit which we commit to provide our customers.  

  • Plan approval of yard design

  • Review of purchase order specification

  • Review of shipbuilding practice

  • Review building program

  • Inspection and examination of major materials and equipment

  • Inspection and examination of the conditions for the construction and installation of various machinery and equipment

  • Participation in the shop test of machinery, equipment

  • Participation in trial of machinery, equipment and sea trial in order to evaluate and confirm the ship functioning pertinently to the content and performance set forth explicitly in the building contract and specification

  • Review and confirmation of final drawings and documents.

Technology Transfer

Visec is the authorized dealer of NAPA and Nupas Cadmatic Software in Vietnam 
Chuyên giao công nghệ

VISEC has provided Napa and Cadmatic software systems together with user training for all major shipyards in

Viet Nam.

  • Initial and Basic design solution: NAPA Ltd (Finland)

  • Production design solution: Cadmatic OY (Finland)

  • E.R.P solution: IFS (Norway)

  • Loading Computer: Napa Onboard (Finland)

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